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Elite Auto Service Equipment

Diagnostic Equipment

Car Diagnostics in Philadelphia, PA

Autel 908 Pro Scanner

The Autel 908 Pro Scanner is a sophisticated diagnostic tool that identifies the cause of an automotive problem on an easy-to-use, touch screen display. It boasts some of the highest speeds on the diagnostic tool market and covers most makes and models of vehicles from major manufacturers.

This diagnostic equipment also allows us to reflash your vehicle control module (ECU) in order to update your vehicle's computer software to the latest version. We also have the ability to reprogram certain components after repairs to get you the absolute best performance.

Snap-On EECS750 Advanced Battery Starting & Charging System Tester


The Snap-On EECS750 Advanced Battery Starting & Charging System Tester is engineered for superior accuracy, with CCA and temperature inputs that ensure consistent results. Using this compact and versatile tool, service professionals can easily and accurately determine if your battery, alternator, and starter are operating at peak performance or if it's time for replacement.

The EEC750 System is capable of testing batteries from 100-2,000 CCA as well as the new EFB start-stop vehicle battery. It features an intuitive interface with printable results.

The EECS750 Tester, Battery and Electrical System works with autos, trucks, boats, ATVs, and golf carts.

Alignment & Undercar Equipment

Hunter Hawkeye Elite Alignment System

Hunter Hawkeye Elite Wheel Alignment Philadelphia, PA

The Hunter Engineering Company is well regarded in the automotive industry for manufacturing quality machines that provide exceptional service. The Hunter Hawkeye Elite Alignment System is once such machine, and we have it in our auto repair shop. It allows us to decrease your waiting time and provide machine-accurate alignments in a service where precision is everything. We can locate alignment issues within a brief, 90-second procedure:

  • Scan the VIN and select the vehicle.
  • Install targets to capture measurements.
  • Make adjustments.

Get the best wheel alignment in Philadelphia, PA when you choose Chi Auto Repair.

Hunter RX10 Scissor Lift

Hunter Hawkeye Car Lift Philadelphia, PA

The Hunter RX10 Scissor Lift provides maximum productivity without taking up a lot of space, making it an efficient part of our auto repair shop in more than one way. Using advanced technology and material, this Hunter Lift has sensors that ensure the runway is level at all times. It can hold vehicles up to 6,000 lbs,allowing us to handle most cars, pick-up trucks, and SUVs. The console controls are easy for our technicians to use, ensuring your service is done in the most timely manner possible without compromising quality. We use the Hunter lift to provide excellent undercar and alignment services.

Tire & Wheel Balancing

Hunter Road Force Touch Balancer

Road Force Balancing in Philadelphia, PA

The Hunter Road Force Touch Balancer is a state-of-the-art wheel balancing machine that provides great benefits compared to a regular balancing. Road force balancing looks at how your tire and wheel perform with the weight of your vehicle added to the equation. The system is highly tuned to find weight discrepancies within your tire and wheel assembly. If normal balancing doesn't fix vibration problems, road force balancing often can pinpoint the exact problem.

Snap-on Balancer

The Snap-On Balancer is a motorized wheel balancer that includes features found on most high end machines. It includes static and dynamic balancing modes and features 5 ALU modes to place weights in proper location on multiple wheel configurations.

Tire Change Equipment

Snap On Tire Changer in Philadelphia, PA

Snap-On Tire Changer

Properly changing tires is a snap with our Snap-On Tire Changer. This equipment reduces the amount of time it takes to change your tires and provides the precision you expect from a professional automotive service center. You don't have to worry about your OEM or custom wheels when you come to Chi Auto Repair for your next tire installation or seasonal tire swap. With the Snap-On Tire Changer, we'll replace your tires in a timely manner using some of the latest technology on the market to ensure everything is done correct.

Speak with a member of our team today for more information about any of our elite auto service equipment. We look forward to earning your business by providing the best automotive service possible.

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