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Good news, Hondaphiles: American Honda is finally embracing the collection and giving it pride-of-place. We just attended the opening of the American Honda Collection Hall, now located at the main entrance of Honda's U.S. HQ. Several automakers keep a few historic models in the lobby, but Honda has built a proper museum-like display—20,000 well-lit square feet that shows off both Honda's history and some of its most influential models. Best yet, it's now open to the public.

The plant will be built at the Triangle Innovation Point "megasite" in Chatham County, North Carolina, on an approximately 2000-acre plot. VinFast said it will invest at least $2 billion in the first phase of construction, targeting an initial capacity of 150,000 units per year. Construction will get underway this year, with production starting in July 2024. Along with crossovers, the facility will also build electric buses and batteries. Initial reports from Raliegh's TNews & Observer predicted the creation of between 7500 and 13,000 jobs. 

The CTR-GT will run in Japan's top-class Super GT, the GT500 series, starting in the 2024 season. Honda hasn't released any details regarding the car itself, but based on the one photo we've seen, the Type R-GT means business. 

"Usually, you could put out an application," Bailey said. "And when people are work hungry, you’d get 20,30 applicants maybe in a week or two. In this case, we got maybe four or five applicants over the course of two months."  

Honda vs. Toyota vs. Subaru vs. literally every Japanese automaker battle is nothing new. But in this video from YouTuber Sam CarLegion, we get a nice look at how two heavy-weights in the compact scene (WRX & Type R) square up against the newcomer GR Corolla. 

Hyundai Motor (005380.KS) and Kia (000270.KS) said on Thursday they are recalling more than 113,000 newer vehicles in North America because of fire risks and urged owners to park outside and away from structures pending repairs.